Have $100,000 , spend it like Richie Rich.

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It’s not every day you find yourself with $100,000 to invest or spend. Admit it: You have never thought about how you would spend it. I may not have it, but I can surely suggest a few ideas on how to spend it. Now, obviously, you can save it, or invest it, or use it to pay off some debt. But here we are showing you how to spend it like Richie Rich.

1. A Man’s Home Is His Castle.

Spend money like richie rich

Now don’t take that literary. You don’t need us to tell you that 100 grand doesn’t buy much in the way of houses these days. But even though you can’t buy a castle for 100 grand, you can certainly own a condominium.

Condominium short for Condo is mainly used in America specifically in Canadian provinces, so to get a real one, you must travel to the continent. This might be the most essential and intelligent investment you will do, buying your own house.

2. The Driveway Looks Bare Without a PORCHE

Spend money like richie rich

Spend it like Richie rich on a smooth car. How will you have a feeling of being rich, if don’t have an expensive or luxury car?

Few cars on the road today are as eye-catching as a 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera. Imagine tooling around your neighborhood, top down, as everyone you know stops and stares. Now, you can lease this fine automobile, but you’re risking a lot of snickering from your neighbors. A leased Porsche is equivalent to a borrowed tuxedo.


3. A Yacht, a Yacht, My Kingdom for a Yacht

Spend money like richie rich

Since the Titanic had its unfortunate accident, many a landlubber has believed that to brave any body of water, you can’t have a boat big enough. Keeping with this mantra, the only way to the boat is on a yacht.

Unfortunately, 100 grand doesn’t buy many yachts these days. Still, if you look around you can find a small sailing yacht that’s grand enough to catch a few wistful stares and large enough to withstand a strong wake or two. If you think in this way a yacht can let you flaunt and woo some chicks too.

4. Your Butler Awaits on the Queen Mary 2

Spend money like richie rich

When it comes to luxury travel, the ambiance of a cruise ship cannot be matched. First-class travelers when arriving at the pier, are met by the luxury liner’s attentive staff, who carries their bags, serves up champagne and make sure the caviar keeps coming. It’s time to experience that level of luxury by spending 24 days on the Queen Mary 2 this September on the Grand Mediterranean Medley.

From New York, you’ll sail across the Atlantic to Southampton, and then on to Spain, Gibraltar, and Lisbon before sailing back to the Big Apple. You’ll want to stay in the ship’s Balmoral Grand Duplex, which comes with your own butler and pretty much anything else you can ask for. If you spend like Richie rich you must get a butler!

5. Diamonds Are Everyone’s Best Friend

Spending money like richie rich feature

One caveat should dictate the purchase of a diamond: More Precious. At a very minimum, you want a diamond to be large enough so onlookers can at least tell what it is. Rings are fairly mundane jewelry – virtually every man and woman wears one at one time of their life – but a pendant is more of a ticket if you want to make a statement. To quote Marilyn Monroe in All About Eve: “Now there’s something a girl could make sacrifices for.”

6. Rembrandt, Here We Come

Spending money like richie rich feature

Well, not quite. If you want an art piece by an old master, 100 grand won’t even get you the frame. So, it’s best to settle with a recent name brand, even though some of your guests may have no idea what they’re looking at, but the art will speak for itself.

7. Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Spend money like richie rich

Once you invest in fine red wines, you won’t care so much about what food you eat. Several vintages of recent years have gone down as some of the best ever, and your recent check is enough to buy several cases. Wine experts bicker politely on which wine is truly the ultimate, but one that always makes the short list is the 1982 Chateau Latour. It is indeed fabulous, and unfortunately, it’s expensive. With your new windfall, a full 38 bottles are yours, if you can find them.

8. The Best Airline Is a Private Plane

Spend money like richie rich

Owning your own airplane is the ultimate luxury, provided you are not bothered by some small details. You have a check for 100 grand, and that’s not enough to buy a jet. In fact, you’re several million dollars short. What you can buy is a nice turbo-prop. If flying on one of those doesn’t frighten you, and you don’t mind tight spaces, then your plane has landed.


So now you know how to spend your $100,000 when you make it big. Believe me its impossible but make when you have it don’t forget to save it first before to you spend like Richie Rich.