8 Unforgettable Date Night Ideas in Mumbai!

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 We’ve all been there. The date is coming close and it’s been months you took her out on an actual date. You both have done it all, tried out all the cute restaurants, been to all the clubs. Been on every road for that romantic long drive. She’s bored now and so are you.
Sure all the dinners and drives are fun but you both want something new, something more exciting. It might be a special day or occasion and you need to spice it up. Something that’ll ignite the lost fire inside you both and wake up your neighbors.
But we men aren’t always super creative when it comes to date night ideas. Fret not your bro is here to save your ass.

Here are 8 Unforgettable date night ideas that’ll for sure be an experience you both never forget.


1. A Relaxing Yacht Cruise over the Arabian Sea

If you’re out of date night ideas on land, why not head to the sea. Mumbai is surrounded by lots of water. Instead of driving and making out near sea-face, why not make out at sea. Nothing is more relaxing than standing on the edge of a boat with your date. Holding her hand (or grabbing her booty) while watching the sunset.
My perfect date night idea would be renting a private yacht (or shared) to cruise the sea while watching the sunset together. Date night ideas don’t get better than this. You could even enjoy drinks and have a romantic meal as the sun sets over the sea.
You can find yourself a couple of different boats to rent in the city.
  • Best time to go: During sunset (between 5-6p.m.)
  • Pros: You can have a titanic moment (not the sinking part)
  • Cons: If she’s seasick she’ll throw up on you
Mumbai Yacht Cruise - Date Night Ideas in Mumbai

2. Get Pampered at a Luxury Resort

If you wanna show your girl a good time, the easiest thing to do is to get her pampered. And what better place to get her pampered than to take her to a resort in the lap of luxury. Take a drive out of town to any of the many hill-stations around. Make her give you head while you’re cruising down the country roads.
Get yourself the best suite they have. Try and have them cover the bed with roses, cuz girls like cheesy shit. You both can have an amazing time at the spa or the pools, over there. Go around the town shopping or just lay in bed all day testing your stamina. As far as date night ideas go, you could always go for one night over the weekend and return the next day.
  • Best time to go: Between October to February
  •  Pros: Have sex all day and get room service
  • Cons: Could lose control of the car while receiving head
Luxury resorts near mumbai - Date Night Ideas in Mumbai 

3. Become Pilots for a day

She’s been nagging you for a vacation, asking you to fly her somewhere nice, because the weather here sucks. But you a hardworking man (or lazy) and can’t do that right now. So what do you do?
Why not fly a plane together and become pilots for the day. No, not a real plane, I’m talking about a flight simulator. It’s almost the real thing. Flight 4 Fantasy lets you get into the cockpit of a plane and fulfill your dreams of flying. And who better to have your first flight experience than with your girlfriend/wife.
You can choose from a variety of different planes and fly them in the simulator. As far as date night ideas go, this one for sure is out of the box and for sure will stir up some fun between you two.
  • Where: Phoenix Market City, Kurla
  • Pros: Get to fulfill your dream of flying a plane
  • Cons: Sadly can’t fulfill your dream of fucking in a plane
Flight simulator in Mumbai - Date Night Ideas in Mumbai 

4. Test your team detective skills

Ever wished how it’d feel like to be a detective while watching those thriller movies at home? Hunting for clues throughout to solve the mystery? Well, you could complete your aspirations by visiting The Amazing Escape.
Book a slot there and choose from a variety of different cases. It’s a perfect place to take your girlfriend/wife for a date. If you’re looking for new date night ideas, you should definitely give this a shot.
You both would have to team up and look for clues while locked in a room for an hour. How you wanna spend that hour locked inside is up to you 😉 but remember there are cameras inside.
  • Where: The Amazing Escape, Andheri West, and Lower Parel
  • Pros: Get locked in a room with your date for an hour
  • Cons: Hard hiding from the cameras
The amazing escape Mumbai - Date Night Ideas in Mumbai

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5. Take her on a Helicopter Ride of the city

I don’t think date night ideas could get better than this. What could be more dope than surprising your date with a tour of the city from a different angle? How do you ask? On a helicopter of course.
Book a helicopter tour for both of you, and get an ariel view of the city you’ve spent most your life in. You both have seen all the roads and places in your city. But looking at it from the sky while cruising through the air is a breath-taking experience.
It’ll be something you both will never forget. And don’t forget all the brownie points you’d get for thinking of something like that.
  • Where: Pawan Hans, Vile Parle
  • Pros: Get kinky at 500 ft. in the air with the most beautiful view of Mumbai
  • Cons: Be careful to not fall out while being kinky
Helicopter ride in Mumbai - Date Night Ideas in Mumbai 

6. Water-Sports Date

Are you both adventure freaks? Tired of sitting around at ‘boring’ dinner dates? How about going on Jet Skis for a date? Is that possible? Hell yes! Visit Chowpatty at Mumbai where you’ll find H2O.
H20 organizes several different types of water sports activities every day. You and your date could try their jet skis, power boating, kayaking or even sailing. The sea is full of opportunities. Pick whatever suits you best and have an adventurous day with bae.
It’s one my favorite date night ideas, because of how much fun we always have (until you fall off the boat).
  • Where: H2O, Girgaum, Chowpatty
  • Pros: If she slips and drowns, get to be the hero by saving her
  • Cons: If you can’t swim, the lifeguard becomes the hero
Water sports in Mumbai H20 - Date Night Ideas in Mumbai 

7. Dinner at a revolving restaurant

Now I know what you’re thinking. I’ve been talking about hoe normal dinner dates are boring date night ideas. But hear me out. Instead of going to a nice fancy restaurant as always, let’s change the whole dining experience.
Visit UFO at Kandivali for a sci-fi dinner experience. How? The whole restaurant rotates! For real! IT keeps rotating around making you feel like you’re in a spaceship. Along with spaceships like interiors, it has cuisines from all around the world.
  • Where: Dimple Arcade, Kandivali East
  • Pros: Dine with bae in a revolving restaurant
  • Cons: Could get dizzy and vomit on you (just kidding)
UFO revolving restaurant - Date Night Ideas in Mumbai 
If revolving restaurants aren’t your thing and you wanna really eat in the sky, visit Aer Lounge in Worli. The ‘rooftop’ lounge/restaurant is on the 34th floor of the four seasons hotel. It gives an impeccable view of the city with skyscrapers and the race course around you. The ambiance is quite classy, and the food super delicious. You’ll feel like you’re eating in the sky.
  • Where: Four Seasons, Worli
  • Pros: Dine with bae in the sky
  • Cons: bae can throw you off if you get on her nerves


Aer Lounge Worli - Date Night Ideas in Mumbai


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So there you go playboys. Here are my top 8 Date Night Ideas for an unforgettable night for your special one.

Let me know which one was your favorite from these date night ideas. What are your favorite date night ideas with your date? Let me know in the comments down below!


Until Next time, keep ballin’