8 Crazy Ways To Throw A Party That’ll Make You Insta-Famous!

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We all have an inner party animal inside us. I know you wanna throw a party like no one else is in the town. A party that brings out the party animal in everyone and make them unleash their inner freak. Throw a party so crazy it becomes the talk of the town with everyone waiting for the next one. But how do you throw a party like that? With everyone throwing crazy parties around the town how do you make your party even crazier and stand out? Don’t worry I got you, bro.

I’m gonna show you 8 crazy ways to throw a party like a boss. If you pull it off, not only will you be ‘Insta-Famous’. But it’ll make sure your guests have an experience like never before. And they all gonna be talking about your party even when they get old.

8 Crazy Ways To Throw A Party That’ll Make You Insta-Famous:

1. Pool Filled with Alcohol / Glowing Pool (with a special rule)

Now listen, we’ve all been to a ton of pool parties. We’ve got shit drunk, thrown people in the pool, been thrown in the pool or if lucky hooked up with someone in there. But that’s not crazy enough to make people talk about your party for ages to come. If you wanna throw a party that’ll blow people’s mind away, you gotta spice it up.

  •  Instead of water have your pool filled with beer or any other alcohol you want. Imagine a pool filled with your favorite drink and having people jump into it. For sure everyone’s gonna get extra drunk swimming in alcohol. Make sure you don’t get any in your eyes tho.
  • If Alcohol isn’t your thing, why not fill your pool with glowing spit-balls. No, I don’t mean actual spit-balls. They’re a tiny ball like thing that grows 200 times when it goes in the water. You get them in different colors and shit but if you wanna spice it up a bit more get the glowing ones. It’ll make your whole pool light up.

Glowing Pool - 8 crazy ways to throw a party that’ll make you insta-famous


  • Another tip is to have a bunch of huge floaties carrying booze with ice on it floating around the pool. Your guests wouldn’t have to leave the pool to get more booze then
  • You could even get your guests to wear neon swimwear to make it trippy. OR better yet, put up a sign outside the pool that says, “Drinks Mandatory, Clothes Not” It could probably help you stir some kinky shit up. Thank Me Later.


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2. Neon Room with Black Light

If you wanna throw a party at a villa or someone’s house, why limit it to a regular house party with a normal DJ and food? Why not turn the lights off and go dark. You can have neon signs all over the place, neon cups, and neon paints, whatever you can imagine. Also, try and have your guests wearing neon themed outfits and accessories. Make sure you have black lights in the room to make everything glow.

Neon Room with Black Light Party - 8 crazy ways to throw a party that’ll make you insta-famous

You could also throw a party with a huge Adult Ball Pit in the room, that’d be killer. You’d have a bunch of shit-faced people in a neon room, jumping in a ball pit throwing balls at each other and doing stupid things. Plus it’s gonna be dark as fuck, so you never know what it could stir up in there.

More interesting things to do is to hotbox the whole fucking room. Just imagine hot-boxing a room with neon everywhere. Have the DJ play some psy-trance and you’re all set to have a really trippy night!

3. Naughty Costume Themed Party

You have probably been to several themed parties having all sorts of themes. But if you’ve ever been to one with a ‘Naughty Costume’ theme, you know there’s nothing more fun. There’s a reason there is a smirk on your face when you read this title. Who wouldn’t want to throw a party where hot girls are dressed like ‘school girls’ or ‘teachers’? Throw a party with a Naughty Costume theme and let your guest’s run their imaginations wild. Just make sure to not let anyone in if their costume isn’t ‘naughty’ enough.



4. Have an artist perform at the party

This one is a no-brainer. If you wanna throw a party that creates a huge buzz, invite an artist to perform at your party. Nothing gets the crowd going crazy than a famous artist performing live in front of them. If you’re friends with a rapper/musician/singer, invite them over to your party. If you don’t know one, you could always book them and have them perform. Trust me the moment people know you have someone famous at your party the hype is gonna go up. You’ll have people posting videos and photos of them all night, making other party-goers wish they were at your party instead.

Artist performing at party - 8 crazy ways to throw a party that’ll make you insta-famous

5. Exotic dancers

Inspired by Dan Bilzerian and other Instagram playboy’s and their parties? Time to throw a party like them! Go ahead and get a bunch of exotic dancers and strippers for your party. Have your guest entertained with beautiful women (preferably in exotic outfits) who do tricks and stunts like spitting out fire or juggling bottles. You could have a pole and have them do exotic dances for your guests. And also have them all carry bottles of vodka getting everyone at the party more shit faced. They’ll make sure no one leaves the party sober.

Exotic dancers - 8 crazy ways to throw a party that’ll make you insta-famous

6. For all the energy

If you’ve got a little extra space for your party, you can make it crazier by getting Trampolines. Getting drunk and jumping non-stop on a trampoline is something people didn’t know they wanted to do. They’re gonna remember and talk about this for a long time.
You could also throw a party with a zip-line across the pool (or between buildings). Guests can zip across the pool and drop straight into the pool. They could do backflips and try different things with it. Just make sure no one hurts themselves, because let’s be real they’re not gonna be sober while doing this.

Zip-line across the pool - 8 crazy ways to throw a party that’ll make you insta-famous

This is kinda hard to pull off, but if you really want to throw a crazy party, get a mechanical bull there. Not only would it be hilarious to watch people get drunk and fall off the bull, but it’ll be crazy fun and I’m sure no one else in town is doing that.

7. Drinking games

You can’t throw a party without drinking games. And with so many to choose from, you could get confused with which ones to go with. Here are a few crazy drinking ideas that’ll surely make everyone going and have lots of fun at your party.

  •  Russian Roulette: No you don’t need a gun for this. It’s pretty simple, you have 6-12 people sitting in a line with shot glasses in front of them. Fill some glasses with water and some with transparent alcohol. Someone rolls the dice, whichever number comes, the people sitting at that number has to drink the shot in front of them. And for example, If its 12 people, when the dice rolls 2, the person at number 2 and number 8 gotta drink up.


  • Huge Drunk Jenga: This is similar to normal Jenga but only its way bigger, and the dares are kinkier. If you wanna make it more fun, every time someone shatters the block, they have to take off a piece of their clothes.

  • Keg Stand: Nothing is crazier than having a group of people hold someone upside down and make them do a keg stand. You are for sure gonna have someone pass out. But you only live once, so why not.
  •  Junk in the Trunk: This is a hilariously fun game that you need to be drunk for. Everyone ties around a tissue box above their butt and fill it with Ping-Pong balls. The goal is to get all the balls out first, and the only way you can do that is by twerking your butt.

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8. Waiters serving ‘Mild altering substances’

My last way to throw a crazy party is for those who like using ‘mind-altering substances’. Wouldn’t it be crazy if you had waiters serving you your favorite substances on a plate? Your guests would be more than happy to be in a party that has guests serving them their favorite substances for recreational purposes. Only remember that too much of anything is never good.Waiters serving ‘Mild altering substances’ - 8 crazy ways to throw a party that’ll make you insta-famous

There you go guys, you now know how to throw a party that no one will ever forget. Let your imagination run wild, you can mix up several of these ideas into one. The sky is the limit.

Let us know what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a party, in the comments below!