6 Crazy Things You Can Do For An Insane Saturday Night in Mumbai

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Hey all you playboys, looking to get laid? Well, this article isn’t about that. If there’s one constant struggle I have to go through every week it is figuring out what to do on Saturday night. And I know I’m not the only one with this problem. I see a lotta people go through this routine of deciding where to go every week. So I decided imma make the list of the best things to in Mumbai on a Saturday night. I might not be able to help you get laid, but you bet your ass I can make sure you have an insane Saturday night in Mumbai.

Saturday night is just around the corner and you’re looking for something fun to do, something crazy. Every Saturday you’re confused about what you wanna do. Which club do you go to, where you wanna eat, where will you have the best time? Are you feeling me? 
If it’s your first time in this city, or you’re from here looking to do something fun for your weekend night out, Read on.

Here are 6 crazy things you can do for an insane Saturday night in Mumbai


1. Late night cruise party

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps and a city that loves to party. You got so many options to choose from to party on Saturday night, but there is one that stands out.
Partying at a club is fine. Partying on a cruise ship now that’s dope.
If you wanna have an insane Saturday night in Mumbai, I’d suggest you book a private yacht. You and your squad can party all night and go as crazy as you want.
Think about it the party is gonna be away from everyone else. You’d be in the middle of the Arabian sea, looking over the Mumbai skyline. Getting drunk and kicking it off with your squad, now that’s a good life.
I remember the few cruise parties I’ve been to have been some of the best experiences of my life
If you wanna know how to throw a killer party read this,
If you don’t wanna charter a private yacht, don’t worry. There are several boat parties happening around Mumbai. You can buy yourself some tickets here and have an epic night out with your homies.


Rent a yacht - Saturday night in Mumbai

Source; yachtgetawaysmumbai.in


p.s. don’t get drunk and trip over.

2. Bar hop and Party all night

If you’re not in the mood to go on a cruise, Mumbai still has a lot of partying options for your Saturday night. Now there are many clubs to choose from, but I personally like to mix it up during my night out.
If you’re like me you’d get bored partying at one place all night. And most clubs don’t even stay open all night. A lot of em close at 2 or 3. But the party animal inside us ain’t done at 2 a.m. So here’s what you can do.
I’m assuming you start your Saturday night at midnight. I start off my night at Tsuki at Sea Princess, Juhu. It’s a great club to start off your night out. They have beautiful lights all over the ceiling, that keep changing. The bar to looks sick which adds up to a great experience.
Tsuki Mumbai - Saturday night in Mumbai

Source; https://www.facebook.com/TsukiMumbai/


The ambiance is superb and there’s always a good crowd here. I’d suggest you start your night with this place.
It closes around 2, which is a shame. That’s alright since our 2nd spot for the night is one of my favorites – Playboy. Who doesn’t love playboy, right? This is by far one of my favorite places to party in Mumbai.
Playboy Club Mumbai - Saturday night in Mumbai

Source; https://www.facebook.com/pg/pbclubmumbai/


The club is huge and has a great VIP section. The main attractions are the hot playboy bunnies dancing around over here. They’re always a treat for sore eyes. I party there till around 4 and then leave for my final destination – Yeda Republic.
You ask anyone in Mumbai who likes partying and they’ll tell you this is a crazy place. Yeda is the choice of club for pretty much most of the hot women in the city.
Yeda Republic - Saturday night in Mumbai

Source; https://www.facebook.com/YedaRepublic/


The place has a rustic and industrial ambiance and I love the way it looks. They have great music and great food. But the best part is that it stays open till 6 in the morning. No, I’m not shitting you this place stays up all night.
That’s my bar hopping plan for a Saturday night in Mumbai.

3. Party till 3 and a long drive to Ambey Valley

This one’s pretty fun. I remember it was a friends birthday and we were partying at tryst till almost 3. The place closed and we were kinda tired of dancing. But neither of us wanted to go home yet, so what’d we do?
We took a nice long drive all the way to Lonavala.
It was a sudden plan, and we all just hopped into the cars and left.
The drive from Mumbai to Lonavala was amazing. Long straight empty roads, no sign of traffic, we were blasting at over 140-160 while bumping to EDM. The party wasn’t over for us.
When we reached there, we were right at the brink of dawn. We got to Tiger point and caught a beautiful sunrise.
Then we had some hookah pots in the car we smoked some in our trunk and then got back in.
We were hungry now, so we drove a little further down to Aamby Valley for breakfast. Stopped at The Lagoon Beach and had a scrumptious breakfast over there. Once it was all done we left back for Mumbai.
Tiger Point and Aamby Valley Lonavala - Saturday night in Mumbai

Source; left – india.com
right – aambyvalley.com

Saturday night in Mumbai done right.

4. Book a Villa for a crazy night out

This is one of my favorites kinda parties. We do this whenever we all wanna get away from the hustle bustle of the city, and party in peace.
There are several villas available for rent on the outskirts of Mumbai. You’ll find some great ones in Alibaugh, Lonavala, and Karjat.
These places are well secluded but also aren’t in a completely remote place. Meaning you’ll get booze and food without going through too much trouble.
You can find beautiful villas with great pools and a lot of space.
Book a villa - Saturday night in Mumbai

Source; EKO STAY- HILL VIEW VILLA booking.com


I love this for Saturday nights because it not only let us get out for the city for a bit. But also lets us party as hard as we want without any restrictions.
God knows how many such crazy parties I’ve had.
It’s a great idea for a Saturday night in Mumbai, when you want to kick it back with your friends. Be surrounded by nice fresh air and party till the sun comes up.

5. Party at club + after party

This one’s a no-brainer. This is for when I wanna party all Saturday night, but don’t wanna keep hopping from one club to another. So once the party is over at the club we book a suite at a nice hotel and continue the party over there.
Oh, I love doing this. It’s even better if you pick up some girls while you were partying. You know so you make them have a good night too.
You got yourself a huge ass room with comfy beds and sofas to jump dance or do whatever you feel like. And on top of all that you got one of God’s greatest gifts – Room Service.
I love night outs like these when we can party as hard as we want and there’s no stopping us.
Book a villa Saturday night in Mumbai

Source; www.papermag.com

My favorite spots are JW Marriott, Sea Princess, and St. Regis

6. Catch a Musical Gig in Mumbai and end with a Long drive.

Now this one is for when I’m tired of partying. Being real with you guys, I love partying, but sometimes I need a break.
And on days when I don’t feel like dancing, I take my girlfriend out to some pubs where we catch a musical gig.
I love watching live bands perform or watch singers sing while I can dine on some great food. I know it’s quieter than the other Saturday night plans, but hey you gotta try it.
Musical gigs - Saturday night in Mumbai

Source; rollingstoneindia.com


These places tend to shut sooner so once we’re done there, we go on a nice long drive around the city.
My favorite place is by far Bandra-Worli sea link. Driving there at night, with the sunroof open, is a breath-taking experience. After that, we cruise through marine drive making it all the way up to Nariman Point.
Bandra-Worli Sea Link - Saturday night in Mumbai

Source; zricks.com

She lights a cigarette and I get myself a cup of chai and we sit there taking in the lovely atmosphere.
Sometimes after clubbing, we go there too, because it’s so calm and peaceful.
Take my advice, try it out once. You gotta slow down every now and then.
I spend one Saturday night in Mumbai quiet like this and spend the rest of them partying like an animal.
So there you go guys, my 6 favorite things to do for an insane Saturday night in Mumbai.
Mumbai is never short of crazy things to do for a night out. From having crazy parties all night to spending a quiet night, there are plenty of options to choose from.
Let me know what’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday night in Mumbai. Which one from my list is your favorite?
Type them down in the comments.
I hope you guys have a sick Saturday night every week!