10 Extravagant Ideas For Diwali for you to host the best Diwali party ever!

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The Festival of lights or Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India. Whenever I’d watch a Bollywood movie, I’d see Diwali always being an extravagant occasion. There’d be huge family gatherings and poojas followed by fireworks and ‘rangolis’. Though they were fun, I’d see the same kinda party all the time. I started finding them boring. There was nothing new in those parties. I felt there wasn’t enough ‘jazz’ in it. So I thought I should do something about this and come with some crazy ideas for Diwali. To host the best Diwali party you have to do more than just firecrackers and games.


Diwali has always been about lights and fireworks. That doesn’t mean that’s all you can do. There are so many different ideas for Diwali people never think of. I know you wanna host the best Diwali party ever. But you’re out of ideas for Diwali and can’t think of anything new.


So Inspired from personal experience, I’ve come up with 10 extravagant ideas for Diwali. You can adapt these ideas and come with your own ideas. The possible ideas for Diwali are endless. After reading this I’m sure you too can host the best Diwali party ever.


Here are 10 Extravagant ideas for Diwali to host the best Diwali party ever!


1. Crazy Themed Diwali Party

Ever thought of having a themed Diwali? Now as much as I’d wish to have a naughty theme for my party, I can’t for Diwali. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try out other themes. When thinking of ideas for Diwali, I want you to first think about the theme of the party. Now your theme could be anything.

It could be an era based theme with people dressed as if they were from a different era. You could even do something from the mythological era. Have everyone dressed as Greek gods and goddesses. Or my personal favorite, an Arabian theme, with hookah and belly dancers 😉

Remember whatever theme you go for making sure everything follows it. If you want to throw the best Diwali party out there, your theme should reflect everywhere. The clothes you wear, the food you’re serving, the ambiance and decorations. You could even go as far as the invitations. It’s the little things that matter and people remember. Moreover, it’ll make your guests have a Diwali Experience like never before.


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2. Out of this world Decor.

You’ve decided on your theme, what’s next is decorations & ambiance. Now to host the best Diwali party in town, your party gotta look like it’s outta this world. Whatever theme you decide make sure you match the decorations to it.

If you’re going for an Arabic theme, you can have Bedouin type sitting on the floor with tents. You can have hookahs everywhere and have your waiters also dressed in Arab clothes. A Greek theme would need roman inspired decorations.

Make sure you hire a really good decorator for this. You can go as crazy as you want with your decorations. If you’re not going for a theme per se, don’t worry I still got some ideas for you.


3. A Sky full of lights.

This is one crazy idea for Diwali that everyone is gonna remember. Cover your entire ceiling with hanging lanterns. As soon as your guests come in they’re gonna be aw-struck by the sight of those lanterns. Your ceiling will look like a sky full of bright stars. And also it goes well with Diwali being the festival of light, and what could be better than that?


But if you wanna up your Diwali party, even more, try fitting mirrors on the floor and all the walls. Why? Cuz those hanging lanterns will reflect on all sides and it’ll make the whole experience surreal. You and your guests will be surrounded by beautiful fucking lights everywhere. I can’t think of anything else that can embody the festival of lights more than this.

Your guests are gonna tell stories about this day, as one of the best Diwali party that they’ve ever been too. Ideas for Diwali decorations don’t get crazier than this.


4. Fireworks in the room

No, I don’t mean real fireworks; we don’t wanna set your house on fire. There’s this crazy digital art museum in Japan. They use projectors and holographic wizardry to showcase digital art. It’s crazy af and you have to visit it if you ever go to Japan. When I first saw it, I instantly started getting ideas for Diwali from it. How?

You can set up a few projectors that cover all the walls of your room. Then hire a video editor to make cool animations of fireworks and lanterns in the sky. Project them from your projectors and voila, you’ll have a room full of fireworks.

The moment your guests enter they’ll have a jaw-dropping moment. The projections will make it feel as if they’re between the clouds, with fireworks all around them. Get professional light experts for this otherwise, it might look stupid. Your party will be in everyone’s list of best Diwali party they’ve ever been to. You have my word.


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5. Food that makes you orgasm

The best Diwali party needs to have the best food. So when it comes to thinking of ideas for Diwali, your main focus has to be on food. Let’s be real, you know most people here come to parties for the food. That means your food has to be on point.

Get creative with the menu. Have dishes on your menu that not only taste amazing but even look crazy. Hire a great chef or caterers for this. Ask him to make Diwali inspired finger foods and appetizers for all your guests. Try to not go too heavy on the food, because you know everyone is gonna be drunk and dancing on the tunes. So keep your menu easy to eat without any grease on the hands.

You can have different types of kebabs looking like firecrackers. cupcakes that look like divas. Golgappa shots if you’re into that thing. I remember going to this party once, and the entire table of food looked like a huge Rangoli, made of food. It was a meat fest with different sliders, pizza’s, hot dogs, and seafood. It was paradise for me. You can even make your rangoli full of sweets.


6. Mouth-Watering Chocolate Fountain

Sweets are synonymous with Diwali parties. You can’t have one without them. But I personally haven’t been a huge fan of sweets. What I am a huge fan of is Chocolate. I was at this crazy party this one time, and they had this big ass chocolate fountain on their table. Instantly fell in love with it. I thought to myself, why not have this for Diwali.

So what you can do is, first get a big chocolate fountain. As big as you can. Then surround that with all the different sweets you want. Now your guest can dip those sweets in chocolate awesomeness.

P.S. If you’re doing this, I want an invite.


7. Music that makes you tap your feet

Party and music go together like butter and bread. You can’t have one without it. Now you could hire a dope DJ for your party and that’d be fine. But you’re not here to host fine parties. You wanna host the best Diwali party ever. So what do you do?

You get a live band performing your favorite tunes at your party. There’s nothing more exhilarating than having a band perform music live. What’s better is you can have them play songs to your requests. All this will definitely get your guests to have a blast.

If you wanna up it up some more, my G I got you. There are these water and fire drummers I saw once at this club I’d been to. The guy looked like he was on some drug as he was playing the drums nonstop with water splashing everywhere. Then he lit his drumsticks on fire and started banging on those drums. I shit you not, drumsticks on fire. Ideas for Diwali don’t get better than this.


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8. Thrilling Performances to Wow Everyone

The other day, I was watching Mission Impossible 4. Towards the end of the movie, I saw tom cruise and his team goto a party by an Indian playboy billionaire. The party was extravagant, to say the least. It even had a bunch of girls dancing on Indian classical music between the party. I thought that it was dope and should be something I’d keep at my party.

While thinking of these ideas for Diwali, I thought of getting dancers in the middle of the party. I mean that would really turn it up a notch. But then why stop at dancers? We wanna host the f***ing best Diwali party this town has ever seen! So why not turn it up to eleven and get performers and stunt artists for your Diwali party.

What kind of performers you may ask? I’m talking about fire performers. A group of people playing and manipulating fire right in front of your guest’s eyes. There’s fire-breathing, fire eating, juggling balls on fire, and even baton twirling. It is the festival of lights, so it even matches the Diwali theme.

9. On point Bartender

Now I don’t know about you, but every Diwali party I’ve been to there’s always been one thing common – A shi*t ton of alcohol. I Remember being at this party once and there was an alcohol overload. People were drinking like there’s no tomorrow and the liquor kept pouring in. I knew if you wanted to host the best Diwali Party ever your Alcohol stock gotta be on point for the night.


But You can get pretty much any drink anywhere in the city. Living in Mumbai there’s no shortage of good places to drink. One can get exceptional mocktails and drinks anywhere in this city. But your party gotta stand out, so what do you do? You hire some Dope ass bartenders.

Bartenders are also like performers. They juggle bottles and dance while they make your guest amazing drinks. What’s more is you can get your bartender to make a special drink menu for your party. You can name your drinks after things related to your theme. It’ll add up more to a great experience at your Diwali party.


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Tip: Your drink menu ideas for Diwali have to be on point. But remember to make sure you’re prepared for people passing out and throwing up. You don’t wanna stop being the host and start being a mommy. Hire people to take care of people who can’t control themselves, so that your night isn’t ruined.

10. The Final Show

The party is almost over, and it’s almost time for people to start leaving. But there’s still time for one last show. As the party is about to end, get everyone outside the house. Then feast them to a wonderful firework show as they’ve never seen before. Hire some A-class fireworks specialist and have them choreograph a show. Plan and pay them good so that it’s Firework show like no other. Think Great Gatsby Style.

Not only will all your guests be surprised, but they’ll also be mesmerized by the beautiful show. I remember watching fireworks for the first time in my life, I was stunned. After seeing those noisy fireworks, I got tired of them everywhere. It’s time to go back to the old days and make your guests stunned by your final show.


There you go, playboys. My 10 crazy ideas for Diwali to host the best Diwali party anyone has ever seen.

Keep everything I said on your mind, but use your own creativity and host the best Diwali party ever.

Tell me what are your crazy ideas for Diwali? Can you come up with some better than these? Let me know down below!

Until then, Peace.